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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

macam real ajeeee

It's funny that I had this want of learning sewing(!!!) suddenly just because I saw pretty pretty cloth materials in Spotlight yesterday. And it's not just me. Adek has been baking cakes for us almost every weekend now..chocolate chip muffins with raisins, melted choc cakes with icecream *drools* and I'm expecting more nice sweet things to come this weekend.

Anyway I can always learn from Emak since she can sew and has her own list of 'clientele'. But I've tried learning the ropes from her many many years back and of course, I didn't 'graduate'. Blame it on my laziness. I even asked Emak to sew a pencilcase for my Home Economics assignment when I was in secondary school. So whenever I ask her whether she can teach me sewing, she would firmly decline and replied I should learn it from somebody else. :P

So I think that learning how to sew will save me $$$ and I can make my own blouses in future. And I think it will be a valuable skill that I can impart to Aisyah...well, if she's interested lah (unlike me last time!) lol.

i've also made a resolution to myself to make sure that my emak-in-law's son is well taken care of. I'm going to start cooking those 'serious dishes' (and not just spaghetti) like ayam masak merah (one of his favs), asampedas ikan pari (my fav!), nasi rawan (my fav also! lol), clean up the house more cleaner next week, and lessen the time spent in front of the pc. I'm guilty of that!

And I'll start tomorrow. We'll see.
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At 11:34 AM, Anonymous katak said...

Bagusss tuh. Buat kerja rumah. Buat jahitan tuh. Jangan besarkan computer jer.

hehehe. actually i also kenna lar. Asyik balik jer, menghadapa PC, tak menghadap isteri yang tercinta~.

Kwang kwang kwang. Hey I wanna msn you about dulu2.blogspot.    

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh, i wish i can sew! i think it is a valuable skill..but kita pun sama,time homeecons just passed the sewing stuffs to my mak to complete for me..so i am hopeless.

hmm..actuali now i am trying to cook coz i thk it saves money if we're going to feed the family.


At 2:51 PM, Anonymous katak said...

Eh rabak kena label stalker?!?! hahaha..

No lah. Actually, she left a tag wishing me during my solemnization entry but she did not provide a link back to contact her.

So that's why cuma nak kirimkan salam jer.
Last time I remember she got some blog but now, when search, only discovered the dulu² jer.

Lepas tuh nampak FATEHAA and BAMMMYYYY... hahahahaha.. those were the days~

And anyway, apa yang awak merapek, belum added me into MSN? I've been tagging you always what?!?!?!    

At 3:11 PM, Blogger BQ said...

I also used to ask my mum to sew for my Homec projects...hehe. My mum loves sewing - from blouses to pants to bedspread, quilt and curtains....Anak dia - masukkan benang dalam jarum pun tak leh...LOL. I am so so hopeless in the sewing department.

And it is good that you are starting to have an interest in sewing.    

At 2:20 AM, Anonymous ajab booboo said...

Spaghetti *IS* a "serious" dish. Seriously! :D

Asam pedas ... I like! My parents are amazed that I can tolerate hot foods like that. I like 'em hot!    

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous yanni said...

haha..i got my mum to sew me my homec assignments too,seme dpt A pasal mak yg jahit. i hate sewing..but i lurveee cookine!    

At 10:25 AM, Blogger |e|a said...

so how? menjadi? huuuhuuuu    

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous sheSays said...

ajab..ok..it's serious dish...too long in the water and they'll clump together...to lil time, they'll be undercook'ed. and u eat asampedas?!

bq, yanni..i didn't get a pass...i failed in the sewing module..cos my teacher made me do it on the spot..terketar-ketar pegang jarom!! lol!

lela...ask again next week sbb baru theory this week...everyone dun wan to get ceret-beret oso..next week baru start practical...lol!    

At 7:58 PM, Blogger mummy jam said...

I used to sew all my bajus while still in school, but once dah start kerja, dah malas tak ada masa...suma main hantar tailor aje!! mesin kat rumah ni ashik dok kolek abok aje....
and can you believe it, I failed my cooking exam in school? sekarang masak main campak campak aje, so far no one got food poisoning yet. lol    

At 11:06 PM, Anonymous sheSays said...

mummy....and now u cook really well...tgk gambar aje dah menyelerakan...ure an inspiration! ehe    

At 12:42 AM, Anonymous ajab booboo said...

Yes, I eat asam pedas and lots of other spicy food. Amazing right? Especially for someone my age. Mummy says "good"!! At least I won't grow up with a "pedas phobia" like Daddy.    

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