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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

the simple wedding

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

There are no words to describe the wedding that took place last weekend. The couple come from such amazing families, and they welcomed me in graciously. I met up with old friends (yes, the world's getting crampier!), made new ones and photographed a wedding that looked like a fairytale. The groom (who happens to be my coursemate) sang one of my favourite songs to the bride and I get to eat at both the groom's and bride's place *a hungry norza is a cranky norza...hehe*. I wished I could eat more but I need to work and a full tummy is not going to help. :P

and congrats to my good friend, yanni, who got engaged last weekend. she was at the wedding too, looking all radiant...well, like someone's fiance lah. hehe.


Friday, November 23, 2007

In order to get my braincells moving, I decided to do an A-Z digiscrap album for Aisyah. Well, I'll try with 2 LOs per month and if all goes well, I will complete it in probably 13 more months. That's like end of 08...just nice.

Btw, pixelatedtheorydotcom is up but I'm 'renovating' the pages. It's been quite sometimes since I touched dreamweaver and I was struggling here and there. Don't let me get started on wordpress. The installation works and everything but the template editing freaked me out. I took a brief look and I closed it. I guess codes+norza don't mix well together.


Friday, November 16, 2007

...we need reminders to realise how lovely it is to have the heart of a child. Aisyah's on a strict diet due to her diarrhea problem so I have to cook only porridge and kicap for these past couple of days. I would definitely complain of this diet but not for her. She would always say, "mmmm, sedaaap...yummy." everytime it's mealtime.

If you notice, we actually don’t need much to survive. No, no...I'm not saying you sell all your possessions and then live in the mountains to hunt your own food. hurhur. I cant live without my internet even. But we, humans, tend to overcomplicate our lives without even knowing it and then feel overwhelmed themselves. We get stuck in this circle of life where we're operating on automatic. get what i mean?

As for me, I shall be in front of the pc less often and enjoy other stuffs like the icecream in the fridge.

should i or should i not?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The wedding season has started again and I'll be shooting smiling people next week. I am thinking of getting a domain name and 'rent' some webspace for pixelatedTheory. I have been passing my namecards with my multiply and flickr urls to potential clients which sounds unprofessional and hard to remember too. Some even complained that multiply loads too slowly so I lost a couple of them. Sure, the best part about multiply is it's FREE and anything FREE is good. I even got some clients from my multiply networks and my networks' networks. But I really need to get moving in advertising myself to tell people what I'm doing and show them that I'm serious. in the meantime, I can always shoot these 2 lovelies of mine and gush at them.

what's for dinner?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cooking for Aisyah can be a headache because she prefers eating different dishes for her meals so I have to do some creative cooking. With the recent round of pox that she had, chickens and eggs are a no-no so I had a bit of a challenge to come up with various dishes with fish alone. I introduced her to fish curry and korma dishes while mil taught me how to cook dhal+vege last week. But I think Aisyah's mild diarrhea was due to this new food introduction. *oops*

But I notice she finishes her food faster when it's cooked berempah. She seldom finishes cheesy stuffs like mac+cheese. Well, she used to like lasagne but she finds it a bore now and never finishes it. Although I'm a noob in cooking, we very seldom let Aisyah eat outside food because homecooked food is definitely better (although can be a tad more expensive and time-consuming!).

Her typical weekly food list looks like this:

Egg omelette
Fish soup
Salmon bagedil *potato cakes*

Chikin nuggets
Sayor lemak
Fried kurau

Egg omelette
Bening sayor *vege soup: can be spinach, cabbage, any vege*
Fish nugget

Chikin soup
Assam fish

Macaroni with tomato pasta sauce
Curry fish with bening

*thinks hard of a dish*

Breakfast usually consist of bread+cheese (jam or honey)/pancakes/biskots and milk. I don't usually follow my list closely and this acts as a guide. It's more of a mix-n-match actually and I'm trying to cook dishes which everyone can eat too. Fortunately the kanda loves simple dishes like rice+bening+ikan goreng or just penne+pastasauce so it makes my life easier.

I know there are online sites and books for recipe but sometimes I really need an inspiration. What are you cooking for your lil one(s) anyway?

you're invited

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

There won't be any outings for Aisyah for a couple of weeks because she just had chikinpox. When we saw one red mark on her forehead last week, we thought it was just another mozzie bite. Later another lesion popped out just below it. Now they look like scabs with pitted holes. But I'm glad to know that a common and relatively harmless disease was going to run through Aisyah while she's still young unlike me who hasnt had chikinpox. Aisyah's gotten vaccinated but she still got it. I would opt for a no-chikinpox-vaccine alternative if I have another kid(s) in future because there is no reason to put unneeded chemicals in their perfect little bodies if they are likely to get it anyway.

When the doc asked me whether I want any medication to supress possible 'contamination' in me, I refused the idea. All the vaccine I had when I was young is to provide immunity during childhood that can probably appear in adulthood, leaving me more vulnerable to get the chicken pox now. There was even an article explaining how modern medicine is actually the cause of chicken pox fatalities. I would rather face this now than when I'm older because one definitely suffers more if chikin pox is caught at a more advanced age.

In some parts of the world, kids were paraded near the 'infected' kid so that they can get the pox and the chikinpox'ed kid even get to throw a party. So anyone want to have a chikin pox party at my place?

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