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once upon a norza

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fairytale ending

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Although we havent been seeing each other much, I know she is one of the few people in my life that I can depend on. I still remember how she had all of these wonderful things to say about him during out meetups. I really believe that Yanni deserves all the joy and happiness after what she went through with the 'wrong people' and I'm glad that she has found her fairytale ending with Azmi...yay! Congratulations, you peeps!

(p.s. stop making us jealous with those Greece honeymoon pix, can?)

just for the record

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aisyah surprised me by writing her name on the card all by herself. I'm surprised because I only remembered we wrote her name once or twice together on her worksheets. I'm not one of those parents who makes sure she can read/write by a certain age although I'm not one who's bochup either. Aisyah loathes writing so she rarely touches her pencils. I guess the set of Kumon alphabet-writing cards which she does when she feels like it helps a lot...heh.

my lil vegetarian

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sarah is still more of a vegetarian (read: fruits and vege puree + oats/rice cereals) at 8months old. She gave me this "euwwwww!" look when I gave her a few spoonfuls of fish porridge last weekend. I've even asked my mil to cook some fish porridge for her the 2nd time round (with sprinkles of grounded ikan bilis) in case she don't like my cooking but the results are still the same! I will probably introduce codfish (with lots of fruit/vege puree to hide the taste!) next time cos it's less fishy'er than threadfin. I can't stand the taste of threadfin either. x_x

Oooh, and chk this link out. Was surfing around for recipe inspiration when I saw this website.

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