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once upon a norza

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home sweet home

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Managed to return home for a while after Sarah's visit to the doc for her 1st month jab. Packed some clothes and ate a late breakfast of kfc's am platter meal before making our move to Pasir Ris again. It sure feels good to be home. After almost 2mths of staying at my parents' place, nothing beats having staying at my own place, lying on my own bed to golek2, cooking in my own kitchen (although I very very seldom cook) and having my own set of rules. I even miss the bathroom...hah.

As for Sarah's checkup, she still has jaundice and her 1st jab at the hospital is somehow infected. :S The doc prescribed antibiotic cream for her and we'll have to return to the doc in a week time for the doc to squeeze out the pus. Furthermore the doc found a condition in Sarah's left knee called a clicky. There's a clicky sound whenever she moves her legs. We'll have to monitor that too till she's a bit bigger.

1 month

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sarah is 1 month today. At the moment, it's all about adjusting to the new addition. Having a csect operation was no fun. I was moving around in pain for 2 weeks. After the urot2 sessions, body feels 'lighter' and my tummy don't feel much discomfort. The makcik urot says the right side of the wound is still 'basah' and I still need to down lots of jelly gamat and pati ikan haruan besides the jamu and multivits. I have no probs with confinement because I do want to be healthy in the long term run.

It's been a month too that I've been a human 'cow' for Sarah...Alhamdulillah. On the day of my operation, both my milkbags were already leaking. Maybe my body knows that Sarah's going to be out soon. Unlike my first csect, the milk came almost immediately this time so those who will be doing a csect, do not worry that you won't be able to breastfeed. :)

My milkbags were engorged like crazy at the hospital. I remembered reading up the forum articles that hand expressing and massaging will help. It was a painful experience but they helped relieve the engorgement. Having a newborn is very tiring. Feeding time can even stretch from 10pm-2am. She will sleep while feeding and fuss again for milk. I try to nap in the day in between stealing time for internet and entertaining Aisyah.

As for Aisyah, she has been behaving like how any good sister would. I'm glad that I have my dearest husband and family to help look after Aisyah so that she won't feel left out while I am with Sarah. She hasn't showed any signs of jealousy yet. She knows that adek Sarah needs 'susu ibu lah' when Sarah wails loudly and tells her to be patient (which is ironic because she herself isnt when she wants something..hehe). She will announce to everyone that Sarah just farted and that means we must clean up her poop. Aisyah will giggle whenever Sarah's arms uncontrollably touch her. She thinks Sarah is tickling her.

So that's that. At the rate I'm going, this blog is going to be updated monthly. Even they update their blog faster than me. heh.

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