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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

if you haven't heard of the blackout yesterday, 1/2 of singapore was hit by a blackout after a disruption in the gas supply. apparently areas in amk, clementi, woodlands, bishan and sengkang got hit.

i was out with yanni and isz for dinner yester'nite and went to my aunt's place in tampines so i really didn't know anything about it till i got back and yanni msn'ed me abt the blackout. hee~ even the phone lines were disrupted cos later near midnight, i received a string of smses from him. *which reminded me of our msn chats which often left either him or me talking to ourselves when actually we didnt receive any msgs on both sides...ekekeke...[quote]msn is a definite turnoff[/quote]*

the last blackout i had was like years back in tampines and we survived. in fact, it was kinda fun with torchlights, scaring my adik with antufaces...ekekeke. blackouts has always been an inconvenient adventure. i guess the unlucky ones might be those people who got trapped in lifts or maybe those who cant watch anugerah yesterday...muahahaah! it's a conspiracy, i tell you!

Friday, June 25, 2004

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