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How can I avoid raising a “spoilt” child?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got an email notification from Dumex and I think it's pretty useful for me:

The greatest fear of most moms is creating a spoilt child. Your child will not become spoilt by being given what they need and a bit of what they want. Spoiling doesn't come from being good to your child in a normal way, and it doesn't happen all of a sudden. It is not about what your child gets, but how your child obtains it, and it never comes from giving too much love and attention. Your child may become spoiled if unreasonable needs are constantly met, annoying whiny behaviour is tolerated, and minor wants are met at great cost and inconvenience to others. In the end, being spoiled is not a product of how much your child has, but can occur when money and material objects continually replace love, time, and affection. Trust the “mother knows best” instinct in you and your child will be just fine!

Roxanne , Careline Advisor

Sarah has learnt to 'buang' herself on the floor and has perfected the art of throwing the perfect tantrum with screamings and the works. Her sister never did this so this is entirely a new experience for me. Nowadays the 'buang diri' part has become worse with each session stretching up to 15min! I need to remind myself that kids at this age are struggling to communicate their needs, as their language skills are immature. Wouldn't anyone be frustrated if nobody understands them?

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