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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day is over but pixelatedtheory's promotion is still running! :)
Mother's Day promo
[Click image for a BIGGER image]

In case you don't know, pixelatedtheory is my freelance photography business which was originally a school project I did manymany years back. It was just my photography portfolio initially but hey, I thought why not make some $$$ with my camera? So I invested some $$$ to get a couple of good cameras and charge people for the photographs that I took. I get to have some fun and I get $$$ too. Clients are happy = I am also happy. I don't take up too much projects for fear of being jaded because I believe that once you are a slave to your passion, it kills the fun of it all.

My baby monitor

Monday, May 03, 2010

I don't know if I can live without my iphone. It's loaded with a lot of useful apps which I use almost everyday. Well, maybe the Android might catch up one day but in the meantime I love my iphone to bits (i'm not an apple fangerl btw :p). It's like a mini computer and a compact camera on the go. Nowadays I used it as a baby monitor using the PocketCam app. With the Gorillamobile, I just place the iphone anyway I like and voila! I get a baby monitor.

PocketCam lets you use your iPhone as a wireless webcam for your Windows-based computer or Mac (OS X 10.5 or above). PocketCam automatically forwards video captured by your iPhone camera, which can then be used as if they come from a virtual webcam.

So while I do my work in the computer room which is 2 doors away from the girls' sleeping room, I can monitor them from my pc and see whether Sarah needs a feed (before she screams for me and wakes up everyone up!). The app doesn't utilise the iphone mic though. I think this is due to the iphone constraint which can't multitask. bah!

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