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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

- So far we've only jalan raya to 2 houses; my mum's and my wak's.
- I am most likely to undergo a csect next month on 24/11...insyaAllah.
- I'm done with the lil one's clothes except for some stuffs which I need to get like hairbrush, baby oil, etc.
- I have NOT packed my hospital bag.
- Had most of my cravings fulfilled from Sofra's asure to the geylang serai's putu piring. *muacks to the hubby*
- Oh yah, and I watched Susuk yesterday. I must say, it has a good storyline. And I wonder why people never susuk their brains for intelligence maybe?

wts: Combi stroller (repost with reduced price!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Selling a used Combi stroller (Super Mechacal DX TM-359DX) for $70. (price reduced!!). Selling to make space in my house and we've already bought another stroller.


Bought it 2yrs ago and stopped using it when I bought the Maclaren volo.

Condition would be 8/10 with moderate user marks and scratches but well-maintained and cared for. Suitable for babies as it can recline almost fully. It also has a reversible handle design so mummies can see their babies all the time (though not advised while you're walking ^___^).

View features here > http://www.taising.com/images/Combi_TM359DX_feature.jpg. Collection is at my place in Bishan or Pasir Ris (from Nov onwards). Just lemme know in advance. Sms me at 9389 6545 if you're interested. Thx!

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