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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have an important project this week which is to clear all junks in my house. We don't have a storeroom so the house needs its much needed "cleansing". The kanda will also be on his night shift patrol these few day so I'm keeping myself occupied. I already have cleared 4 big bags of baju kurongs and shirts which I very very seldom used so imagine the HUGE chunk of space they're taking up. I'll either be giving away or even chucking these clothes into the dumps. I even have those which I wear only once since 2004. I'll only post the wts ads here if there's an interest in the baju kurong (all sewn by my emak and size S :P)

grab the playpen for $50!!!I'll also be selling Aisyah's playpen which was ONLY used for her first 3 months and even then it was only for a few times because Aisyah simply hates to be put in the playpen. We don't use it now either because she only comes home on weekends and we think she has enough being in the playpen at her Nenek's place. It's for sale for only $50! The retail price is $100+ the last time I checked Kiddy Palace. No mattress is included for hygiene reasons. :)

!!!FREE FREE FREE!!!There's also a baby bouncer which is still in the box. It's a gift from the kanda's company actually. The box is collecting dust under the computer table and it's a sore to my eyes. Anyone in need of a NEW baby bouncer can take this away FOC!!! You have to come to Bishan (on weekdays) or I'll bring it to Pasir Ris on weekends if you're living in the East. :)

So ladies (and guys), pls spread this good news around. Those interested to get these items, leave a msg, email me at is0mers@hotmail.com(where 0 is a number zero) or sms me (if you know my number). No commission will be given though. :P

back to reality

Sunday, September 17, 2006

aisyahI am so gonna miss the freedom of taking care of the house and looking aisyah all on my own. Instead I will have the boss breathing down my neck in a day time. 8( and you know what...i didn't even miss being with mistermoo for those of you who knows how much of a mistermoo addict I am.

It has been a challenging week without my parents. but like all sahms, those grins(with 4 teeth now!) and baby babbles (which gets more complex with each passing day) make up for every tiring day.

Being a sahm is no easy feat. sahms are really like those energizer bunnies....they just keep going & going till their lil ones are asleep. I won't know when i'll get this chance again...maybe when the lil one is no more little anymore.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My part-time job as a sahm (stay-at-home mum) started since my parents board the plane to Jeddah 2 days ago at 1300..

It was the very next morning at 0030 that me and adek were at a 24hrs clinic because Aisyah had a bad case of colic. Aisyah gets distracted easily and wouldnt eat much in a different environment. Her meals were disrupted by the trip to the airport previously and that caused wind in the tummy. It didn't help that she's teething now too. Alhamdulillah she was all well again after feeding her the medicine the doc gave.

On a happier note, I received my parents' call yesterday. They reached Jeddah at only 0000 and was only at their hotel at 0200. Cik Ju, my neighbor, also brought me and adek breakfast and even lunch (and dinner) of chikin rice yesterday so I don't have to cook...heh. I even brought Aisyah out to White Sands yesterday on a bus...alone. Another milestone for me...hehe. She chuckled in baby language and clapping her hands the whole time we were in the bus which goes to show how excited she was.

I am now waiting for Aisyah to wake up from her morning nap. I've cleaned up the house, did the other half of the laundry, cooked lunch (ikan kering with tomato and potato...a recipe my mil taught me) for me and adek and cooked Aisyah's lunch (chikin, ikan bilis, potato, carrots and brown rice) since morning.

My uncle has just called me to wish me a Happy Anniversary...hehe. To dearest kanda, Happy Anniversary! *muacks* And to my dearest emak and uncle (who's my emak's twin), Happy Birthday!

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