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not letting you go

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So I decided to retract the sale of my dslr and threw away my niat of changing to a new system. My initial plan was to sell off my km gear and jump ship either to Nikon or Canon. The 40D or the S5Pro look so tempting and they're definitely worth the upgrade in terms of autofocus, colours and features. But I did my homework and came to a conclusion that changing to new system will be much more expensive. I can only get a camera body, a zoom lens and a flash with the money I will make from the sale.

KM7D sale = $3000

S5Pro = $2100
sb800 = $450
tamron 17-50 = $575
total = $3125

canon 40d - $2099
580ex = $500
tamron 17-50 = $550
total = $3149

*All based on 2nd hand prices

I would rather save the moolahs and get a 2nd camera body and the Sony A700 came right on time. The shutter is quieter, colours are accurate and AF is much improved from the user reviews in Dyxum. I'll just have to wait till next year when someone would be selling the body in cs.

Besides I think I would miss my km7d if I let it go. I'm attached to the stuffs I used.

p.s. I've used some free template on my blog. Nice rite?


Friday, September 21, 2007

I had always depended on my mum to cook during the fasting month in my single days and when I'm married, the mil cooks for us. Nowadays the mil still cooks for iftar and sometimes we buy outside food. I only have to crack my head thinking of what to cook for sahur. I already have the weekly menu ready so it's easy.

Waking up for sahur is a major problem if Aisyah sleeps past midnite (reads: 1am). I get cranky when I don't have enough sleep...semua tak kena. But I've adjusted her nap schedule so that she sleeps before midnite. So far so good. Yesterday she slept before the clock struck 12. I woke up with ease for sahur this morning; just to fry 2 fish. heh. We had some leftover of ayam percik, paru goreng and begedil (the size of a small grenade) from yesterday's iftar so all I got to do was warm the dishes.

I know a couple of mummies who breezed through Ramadhan effortlessly with kids in tow and they don't have any helpers. My in-laws still help me with the ironing and housecleaning and I'm still feeling lemau macam biskot in the day.

How about you? How's your Ramadhan going?

like real only

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cycling to me has become such a passion and I have a tendency to get a bit wrapped up in them like my photography. The idea of offroad riding appeals to me but I don't think my bike can take the rough handling. I've been to Ubin a number of times to cycle if that's considered offroad riding...well, that was like 8years back. I remembered I was screaming with joy going down a steep slope on a rented Raleigh bike. That sure was fun.

I have been doing 4 rides so far...2 on the the GT Aggressor which was shortlived and the other 2 on my new Jamis XC. I did it so much easier on the Jamis and I could have ridden another 1/2 hour more before I wave the lil white flag.

Yesterday I managed to cover a distance of 9km at an average speed of 12km/h. I bet anyone can run past me while jogging. My max cycling speed was 22km/h and that's because I was going down a slope but was I happy? Yep...I was because I didn't have a sore butt or any cramped legs after the ride and I was eating quite a LOT for dinner. This means my mission to gain weight is seeing some hope or I'm eating more to replace the carbo that I was burning during the rides. I must tell myself to eat more next time.

I'm just going to wait till Ramadhan is over to start cycling again. With the price hikes in public transportation anytime soon, I may just use the Jamis more often to travel to my destination. I was actually toying the idea of cycling from home to Burlington Square yesterday for a chat with a photographer. But the thought of giving up halfway through the journey held me back. Sure, I could just dismantle one of the tyres and ride a taxi home but I'm not confident yet to do any dismantling. Nope, not yet.

I'm even hoping to cycle from Bishan-Pasir Ris one day to 'collect' Aisyah and cycle back from Pasir Ris-Bishan after sending Aisyah to my mum's place on another day. Big dreams, hor?

the sweet smell of september

Monday, September 10, 2007

I haven't been logging in as often as I could. My ribs had healed and I'm fit enough to look after Aisyah although I must be careful not to do any sudden twists or turns. I've already delivered the last photography assignment of the season. I've received favourable feedbacks for my photography as well as critiscisms. The top 3 comments are,

"naper ader muker tak tgk camera masa awak amek gambar?"
"naper muker saya senget dalam gambar nih?"
"naper awak amek gambar kasot/kaki/tangan/kepala saya aje?"

I've made it clear to all of what kind of photography I do. If you want a 100% "sit-on-the-pelamin" conventional images, go ahead and engage another photographer. But when you don't want to pay my money because of these reasons, I'm pissed. I am really pissed. I'm also terribly dissapointed at a pak andam for delaying my payments as well with a 101 excuses. I should not have trusted anyone anymore.

On another note, I don't want these people to ruin my September. me and mr shafei were 3 last 5th September. :)))

The only time you'll see me without my specs. Yah...all I see were blurred images as if the camera's af has gotten wonky. My emak and her twin's birthday fell on the same day too. A lot of other people's too. :D

And Ramadhan is coming in a few days time. It's a great chance for me to reflect on how I have used and wasted my time. In reality, this upcoming month is an opportunity to create good habits that insyaAllah I hope to strive to maintain throughout the rest of the year.

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