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once upon a norza

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battle of the baby carriers

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aisyah hates the taylormade watermesh sling I bought for her(4months ago) and we never used it ever since. She prefers to be carried rather than be in the stroller everytime we go out too. And carrying her do strain my arms sometimes *especially after walking for a few hours* so I thought that I should get a baby carrier. My concern was about suspending Aisyah from her crotch because I had read that it could cause spinal stress.

The hug-a-bub carrier looks good. It's cotton *good for Aisyah since she got eczema* and looks comfortable to wear *aniq sure looks comfy in that!*. The baby bjorn is nice too but after reading what m4m ladies are reviewing about it, I'll give it a miss. The Ergo carrier received favourable reviews from mummies but with all those buckling, I would look like carrying a hiker's haversack! haha.

And while googling for alternative slings, I found Hotslings. Their choice of fabric designs is wow! Hotslings look a lot like the Maya Wrap Pouch. An improved version would be the Premaxx Euro Style Baby Carrier. It comes with handy pockets...good for putting in my handphone and wallet for easier access.

But maybe I should try putting her in the taylormade sling this weekend and see her reactions.

i can see it!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This is my 2nd last LO before the finishing line of the a-may-zing race. I know some of you might have seen mistermoo's picture before but I got no other pictures to use (at work) so I used this. It's been a good brain stimulation. The last time I had to do such head-drilling projects within a short deadline was in school and that was like 3-4years back. wow. time zooms past you without you knowing.

In the meantime, I'm preparing myself for the photoshoots next week. The studio is all booked from Monday-Wednesday and hope the shoots will turn out well.

byebye nourza(.net)

Friday, May 19, 2006

It's been a frustrating experience with the webhost company I was with. nourza.net has suffered so many downtimes yet I've given the owner chances over and over again because I know that it's not easy to startup a company. But promises are just empty talk. nourza.net finally came to an end yesterday but not before I did a full backup on the server. But even if I didn't, it's a good chance for me to start all over again with a new domain although the thought of losing everything within the network is painful.

{direct all mails to i s 0 m e r s @ hotmail.com...the 0 is a number zero and pls delete the spaces :P}

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