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Still breathing

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Phew...I can finally breathe again after this video I've been working on for the past few weeks. it's been quite a while since I did any crazy project like this one. I've been neglecting kanda and missing out a LOT on the Hari raya spree-cleaning part. Thank god my parents-in-law are kind enough to help us in the cleaning part. ^_^

Amidst all the work, our Aisyah has not been finishing her food lately. She's not even finishing the food her nenek cooks for her which she usually does in a jiffy. Thinking that she might be sick with her normal rice meals, we tried giving her combinations of potatoes + chikin + tomato + cheese or scrambled eggs + cheese + chikin or potatoes + spinach + eggs. She was excited initially with the new food but it wanes after a while. I tried giving her again after 20minutes but she still refused to eat after the "intermission", keeping her lips shut.

I think she might want to eat adult food because she goes "mamamm" whenever she sees anyone of us eating. She kept wanting to go near her Ayah when she saw him eating Koka noodles last week. Maybe I should try cooking something noodl'y for her next week and eating with her at the same time so that she gets the idea that she's eating our food. hurhur. I really hope this is just a phase.

On another note, I had successfully popped Aisyah into my taylormade sling. It's a bit awkward but I soon got the hang of it. It's definitely much much easier than bringing the stroller with us. Babywearing just needs practise and lots of distraction for Aisyah to keep still while I "adjusted" her. hehe. emak had also adjusted my luckybaby pouch sling and it fits Aisyah very nicely. I wish there is a wider choice of baby carriers in Singapore apart from momsinmind slings. I ordered my taylormade sling from loveslings...a biz run by a nice lady who lives in Toa Payoh. She's currently helping me to order a Mei Hip carrier which I can't wait to try it on. Afterall you can't be having only one pair of shoes right? 8D

I found this community of babywearing and there are sooo many varieties of carriers (good for mommies and their lil oens) available. *that Babyhawk MeiTai looks interesting* I see many parents carrying their babies here in carriers which might cause spinal stress to their lil ones. Maybe we should have babywearing meetups like the Nino Sisterhood of the Travelling Sling to share experiences and trying out the different slings available hor...what do you think?


Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm feeling a tad lazy this morning. I'm also hungry and it's only 10.57am. I wish I could have a day off and rent a car and just drive aimlessly. Or just go somewhere remote and aim, frame and shoot. But I don't even own a camera yet. And I have already used up all my leave when my parents did the umrah. Besides I have an important assignment to complete by tomorrow. Although I have completed my part of the project, I still have to 'help' the student in the opis to complete his part of the project. I hate it when people procrastinate and they can't complete their work and I have to do it for them eventually.

And you know what, today's Aisyah's 1st birthday (although she's already ONE on the 8th Ramadhan last week) It's been 9months of separation anxiety for me. Whenever we bring her home, I don't like to let her sleep alone and will never do it till she's a bit older (that will be another space problem but we'll figure that out when the time comes). I know this is bad bad bad and I have to wake up groggily at 3am and mix her formula. But it's the time to make up all the needed nutrients because she's like half of the size of babies her age. She still can fit into her tshirt meant for 6-9mths baby. besides I'm a light sleeper and she doesn't fuss much and goes back to sleep immediately after her morning feeds. The only problem is the kanda can't get to sleep with us because the bed can only fit both me and Aisyah comfortably. Maybe like in his words, we "should just sell the bed" and sleep on mattresses on the floor! Sounds like those Japanase zen-like feel, don't you think so? And my cramped room will look larger too. Talk about minimalism!

Of course, Aisyah doesn't seem to care if I'm around but I'm just not fine without her. Yes, even after 9 freaking-long months...I still can't get used to this arrangement.


Monday, October 09, 2006

mamam timeAs Aisyah grows up, we noticed that she has a streak of obstinance running right through her (thanx to me 8P). I know I have a lot of work ahead of me although she's still a bit small to understand now. When she has something in her hand, nobody can ever take it from her without being screamed at.

Just a few weeks back, she refused to finish her meals for 2 days straight. And she usually finished them although she knows I'm a bad cook. hahah. She pushed the spoon away and refused to open her mouth. I gave up the food war and figured out maybe she's just too full. While washing her bowl, I swallowed a lump in my throat and felt the tears coming. Instead I didn't cry but put on a very serious front which made everyone misunderstand my actions. Here I am, as a first-time mother, trying too hard to feed her child and rejection is all I get. Of course, like many mothers who rushed to prepare food for their babies, I felt frustrated. But I realised that my frustration (although a bit late by then) didn't get me anywhere. Aisyah, on the other hand, acted as if nothing happened and she babbled, laughed, munched and crawled like any normal babies would. Everything was back to normal again...that cheeky lil girl of ours. It's been almost a year and we love her to bits. Ibu should really attend one of those anger management sessions. 8B

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