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once upon a norza

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sweet pea

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A lot of people would have noticed that Aisyah looks like me. She's a 'mini Nor' as the hubby would always say. She's a lefty, throws tempers quite easily (ok, maybe she's in the terrible 3 stage but still...), obstinate and always wants to have the last words (ader aje alasan dier nak beri).

When I can't control my temper, I would raise my voice and nag at her as if she understands. Like most kids, Aisyah would always forget about everything and move on unlike us, adults. I would always feel bad of scolding her and apologising later for being too harsh. She would reply, "It's ok, Ibu." and give me a hug and plant a kiss on my cheek. And I thank Allah for this little lesson of forgiveness.

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