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once upon a norza

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getting comfy

Monday, January 18, 2010

We usually sit on one of the benches and just snack away on biskots or icecreams we bought at the nearby 7-11. Aisyah will either be on her skatescooter or bike going countless of loops around the court. I just let Sarah walk aimlessly. She likes it. Sometimes she will spot a mynah/pigeon nearby and try to catch it before it flies away. Most of the time, she will just wobble around the court till its time to go back. Nowadays the girls have gotten really comfy with the place that even Aisyah will 'golek-golek' on the ground.

Now....I'm not one of those parents who go 'eee, dirty!' every 5min. As long as there's no obvious najis (what is najis?), they're free to roll about or sit on the floor. Of course, licking the floor (like Sarah once did) is a no-no. Sarah, Sarah...tsk tsk.

the new year

Monday, January 11, 2010

So what's new for 2010? Sarah's walking everywhere now. As soon as we put her down, she's off to somewhere and won't stop. She's usually into something and lately she's even managed to swallow a battery behind my back. It was a traumatising experience not for her but for us. But Alhamdulillah it was all over now. She managed to poop it out to our relief (no puns intended!) on the 4th day, after 2 xrays and lots of laxatives.

She adores her sister very much and tries to be near her while she play, watching her every move and imitating her. Most times, Aisyah finds her entertaining, but irritating at times too. Sarah can be quite a menace and even bites her sister with her 2 teeth. What's funny is one tooth is growing on the top right and another one is growing on the bottom right. I should try taking a picture of this. lol!

Aisyah? She has started K1 this year. I get some time alone with Sarah in the morning when Aisyah is at school from 7.45pm-12.30pm (including travelling hrs). But she's not liking school at all and goes into "I don't want to go to school" mode every morning. I'm making a guess that since she's the "new kid on the block" (we just transferred her to the Kovan branch from the Tampines one), she might be feeling a bit left out.

It's also her first time on the school transport this year. It used to be me or my mom sending her and/or fetching her to/from school. Since she'll be starting Primary ONE in a couple of years time, much time is spent in the classroom compared to last yr. Fortunately she can read now so we have one less thing to worry....phew! I have talked to her teachers and shes fine in class. It's the going to school part that is causing a headache. We just have to give it a week or two and see how it goes.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Ok, so I bought an iPhone late last year. I've never been an Apple fan and the iPhone isnt exactly the phone that I want either. But I was intrigue when I saw the Hipstamatic app online and decided that the iPhone is what I want (for now). It makes boring pictures interesting without the use of any image editing sw on the pc and well, I began taking pictures almost every moment. I downloaded more photography apps later with Camerabag and Format126 becoming quick favourites.
bomba on bike
taking a peek
Photography on the iPhone or iPhoneography has become a freeing experience for me and lends itself to more spontaneity. Of course, I can say that about any other handphones that I owned but the photography apps is what makes the iPhone different. Even my old SE K800i takes better quality pictures. Ultimately the image is all that matters and it is in the eye of the artist.

(p.s. If you want an excellent resource for iPhone photo app reviews, pls visit www.iphoneography.com. I got most of the apps after reading the reviews here.)

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