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to the hort park

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phew, here I am again. My schedule has been rather hectic. Sarah's getting more clingy nowadays while Aisyah can really test our patience these days. Sarah's clicky is improving so far. We heard less of the clicky sounds nowadays. Aisyah's on/off runny nose & cough has also improved after several rounds of consultations of the paed. She's now on ketotifen (a lung tonic)...hopefully, it will get better with her system getting used to the school environment. I wouldn't want to be jinxed by sharing this. :p

She just had a lapse of cold after her first school outing. She missed the previous outing to the fire station cos of her cold. But she managed to join the trip to Hort Park with me as a parent volunteer.

Ironically, it was also my first time to Hort Park and I thought I might check out the place. Aisyah was initially surprised when I joined the kids at school and even told me not to be there..hehe. I was assigned to help look after 5 kids in her class, including herself. It was initially 5 which I had to really look after in my group but teachers soon told me to look after the class together. It was a rather simple task but when kids are tired, they get left behind easily and that's when I made sure none get lost.

The kids had a mini breakfast the moment they reached Hort Park. Mats were spread out and everyone sat on the floor. Chicken nuggets and sliced fruits (watermelon, honeydew) were distributed. The kids ate their own food as well. Aisyah had some of her bread with nutella during the break too. Teachers called out those who wanted to go to the toilet during this time. Everything was rather organised although the place was crowded with the kids from other Hanis centres.

There was a guide to tell us more about the different plants/herbs and introduced himself as uncle Alan. Aisyah looked quite sleepy and tired too during most parts of the outing. Well..probably it's because she had to wake up quite early in the morning to get ready for the outing. The kids got cranky and one girl even cried till the end of the trip because she was too tired.

We stopped for another toilet break at another open area and everyone got to fill up their water bottles at the water cooler. By then most of them looked really tired and even I was already dragging my feet. It's been a long time since I walked this much. Blame it on my lazy self. :P I also noticed about quite a few volunteers who were looking after their own kids instead. I might be wrong and these parents might travel to Hort Park themselves instead of taking the school bus but I hope that these won't happen in future.

The kids perked up when they reached the playground which was the last stop of the outing. They got pretty excited upon seeing the slide and queued up for their turns even in the scorching heat. Aisyah didn't even touch the slide because it was too hot when she was sliding down.

Actually there's so much more to see at the place but walking around in the afternoon sun can be a killer. I would love to be back again for some macro photography and appreciate the tranquility and serenity the park provides.

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