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sibling rivalry

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I often wonder how our parents coped with more than 2 children. The previous generation seemed to have it easy with many kids at home (my aunty has 12 in malaysia!!) while it's a struggle for me keeping everything in place. Both my mothers also say their children never gave so much trouble as the kids these days do. Somehow kids are more obedient during those times or is it because it's the way we discipline them. Just by giving dagger eyes to their children, the kids can sense that what they're doing is wrong. The older ones help to look after the little ones when their parents are busy.

Aisyah has helped me look after her sister quite a number of times especially when I have to do some serious business at the loo. If she wants something urgently and I can't help her because I am busy with Sarah, she will always say, "Takpe...Aisyah boleh jaga Sarah..". I never leave her alone with Sarah unless Sarah is strapped to her seat with a tray in front to stop her from throwing herself forward.

Sarah enjoys looking at her sister's antics and Aisyah loves to make Sarah laugh...a LOT. Of course, there were instances when both growl at each other. Aisyah will want whatever Sarah gets her hands on (and vice versa). It's ridiculous because the toy that Sarah was holding is something that Aisyah wasn't playing with. There was once when Sarah grabbed a part of Aisyah's face in anger when the latter snatched her toy. We will often praise Aisyah that being a nice girl and all, she should be sharing her toy. She is ready to share her toy after a few moments of cajoling. Like her grannies would say, "nih nak kena kipas ajeee..." hehe. Oh well, I expect more sibling rivalry issues in years to come.

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