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i like bibim bap

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I finally had my chikin Bibim Bap yesterday after months of craving for it (since May). Bibim bap is a Korean dish with a sizzling hot pot filled with rice, a mix of vege, beef (or chikin), fried egg and red-chili sauce. I even got to eat 2 omelettes since the kanda doesn't like eating yolks and he gave me his share. hurhur. The last time we went to ZingDo (at Breeks) was the time before we nikah'ed and I had my Bibim Bap there too. heh. As I'm writing this, I think I want my Bibim Bap again. lol!

Anyway I'm busy packing my stuffs at work. I didn't know that there are sooo many junks accumulated on my desk over a span of almost 2 years. And that's only on the shelves. I haven't even started inside the drawers. :P I have returned all the design books back to the design storeroom where we keep all the design stuffs like styrofoam boards, printer cartridges, etc, etc. The colleague, J, followed me with POS and boiboi to the storeroom to get some PCs which were lying ard to return them to the tech people. J was excited to see the goodies in the room which she thought were free for grabs. In the end, she only took a stack of CD envelopes while POS took quite a number of the remaining CDRs. J was initially interested in taking a lot more items because her reasoning was "Aiyah, you're leaving rite? No more designers anyway..." But she decided to take only an item because I told her that A is the one in charge of the now-defunct Design Team and keeping stock of what's left in the design room so she has to inform A. I doubt she'll let A know after taking that CD envelopes. Getting paid so much still want to take what doesn't belong to them...sheesh~


Monday, July 24, 2006

The turtles look as if they are on a diet and how come they look so much like frogs?

On other news, I'm disappointed with LX2. It has a newer engine but details had been compromised by their sample pictures. The Ricoh GrD looks more attractive now. It has a fixed lens but I never use the zooms on my cameras anyway. But the better video feature in LX1/LX2 might make me grab one of them. Or maybe that new Samsung NV7 Ops perhaps? Decisions, decisions.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

After so many weeks of not checking the latest news on clubsnap, I clicked the last page of the "LX1 Rocks" thread page today and I couldn't believe my eyes that LX2 is out!
The DMC-LX2 increases the pixel count to 10.2 million and adds a larger widescreen 2.8-inch LCD. Despite the increase in resolution Panasonic claims that noise has been significantly reduced (compared to the LX1) thanks to Venus III engine. Other new features include sensitivity up to ISO 3200 (though not at full resolution), Intelligent ISO Control (a mode that increases ISO if the camera detects subject motion) and a refined control interface.
Actually I'm not excited about the increased number of megapixels or the higher sensitivity. You see, I've been wanting to get the LX1 but the noise levels (even at *low* ISO 100) in dim areas kept me off. The Lx1, imo, is a nice camera with 16:9 format, image stabilisation, wide with 28mm and can take pictures in RAW format but I don't think I can stand the noise.

There were rumours of an LX2 but no confirmation reports from Panasonic so my hopes that they will produce LX2 and resolve the noise issue eventually died. *drama sey gitu..haha* From my sis' panasonic fx9, I got a pretty good impression of their cameras. I'm glad that I waited for a while. But I'll wait for user reviews.

Lela would have been very happy that LX2 is out cos I wouldn't bother her with, "Nak beli yg maner satu eh? I can't decide lahh..."

am i missing something here?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I saw the lady who walked backwards yesterday at Novena MRT again this afternoon while on my way to United Square.

As they say, NPNT! Will take a picture if I bump into her *back* again. hurhur.

feeling draft'y

Monday, July 17, 2006

I have 3 other draft entries on my blog but everytime I finished one, I would click that "Save as Draft" button. There wasn't anything exciting to blog about anyway.

My typical day:

wake up. have a shower. have breakfast. go to work. lunchtime. go home. staring the pc or watch teevee (if there's anything worth to watch). sleep.

Ok, I do read the famous threads about malay celebrities gossips on the mommies forum...haha. i wouldn't know that i.s.h.a.k a.h.m.a.t just died last week or A.w.i.e married another one if I didn't read the threads. When it comes to news, I'm very slow. I even read the Sunday Times which is one week due. And that's just because I like reading the Sunday comics and Life section. I would rather read real news from other sources rather than our local media.

And suddenly everyone I know is changin job or have a new job already. Since I graduated in 2003, I've worked for at least 3 different companies. Interviewers have the impression that I'm a job-hopper. Aside from the fact that I was a fresh grad and most job wants someone a few years of experience, Singapore also had a recession at the time I graduated. I grabbed whatever opportunity which was thrown to me. The pay was ok lah...no complains since I was single at that time and I just need money to fund my hobby: photography. heh. The people were great too and it was the first time I worked for a Malay company. But I decided to find a new job since the company was said to be having some financial problems.

Later I got 2 jobs at the same time, alternating days between designing print ads and brochures for a travel agency and teaching computer to lil kiddies. Money wasn't too good but fortunately I got some monies from the startup company formed by me and 3 friends. I have some funds from teaching some kids in our Mendaki Tuition Scheme as well.

Finances were manageable. Emak used to tell me, "Baik kau simpan duit tuhh, jgn blanja...ke haper ader org nak dtg meminang..."

And true enough, someone did meminang.:P On the day his parents came to meminang, I just got back from an interview. I later got that job and was contracted to a ministry body. Of course, everyone complains about their job but I don't want to complain about my job lest I get sued. heh. I have been fortunate to have had great folks around me amidst of all the shite i'm getting. But I applied other jobs in the hope of a better pay and a better design exposure.

So did I get a new job? Well, I've signed the new contract and waiting for medical clearance. The feeling of going to a new place sure is different than the excitement I felt 3 years ago. Perhaps I'm getting older and the intention of getting a new job is not just purely for myself but it's more of saving up enough to 'retire' and look after Aisyah (and hopefully number 2 (and beyond) to come). hurhur.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Taken from m4m:

It happened inside the MRT. The train wasn't particularly crowded so the mother just pulled her son into a corner (against the glass at the end of the seats), pulled down his pants & promptly made him pee into a plastic bag. I had to do a double take cos I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Unbelievable!
And I just had to share this. I was in the train going back last week. It was really crowded since it was the peak hour. There was a lil girl (abt 1yr old) who was sitting on her mum's lap and her mum asked her to stand up to chg her soiled pull-up diapers right in the full view of everyone!!! her father who was standing in front just took the soiled diapers away and gave her a clean one. What amazed me was how she can act so cool with all the eyes staring at at her. couldnt she just stop at the next station to chg it?

What's worse was when I relate to the colleagues in the office, one said, "What's wrong with that? I also do that whattt..." when everyone else was like against it. I felt a total disgust for someone educated to do such a thing in public!

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