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at school

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aisyah's first day of school didnt go quite smoothly. Well, she was excited at first but grew bored after a while and wanted to go home. Her school allowed parents to stay in class for the first 3 days so I was able to observe her. My plan was to be in her class for the first day and left her there after that. She constantly reminded me not to stray away while I was there.

It was worse on the second day even though me and her nenek had given her a prep talk the moment she woke up. I told her I will be waiting outside her class when it's time to go home. But she threw a tantrum in class and refused to let me go. I allowed her teacher to take her away and there was no turning back. I could hear her screaming away whilst outside her class and no prize for guessing who's the loudest amongst the kids who cried that day. She only stopped crying when she puked and that's already like half a school day gone.

I'm glad that I didn't pacify her because there was an improvement on the 3rd day. She didnt cry as much as she did previously. We would have to do this crying game all over again if I had given in. Alhamdulillah, she didn't cry for the last 2 days of the week although she refused to budge upon nearing her class and chanted 'Aisyah taknak pergi sekolahh...' all the way to school. She even donned the tudong on Friday for her solat practical lessons. :)

Anyway it has been only 2 weeks so I cant comment much about the school. The uniform is a bit too fanciful with double layers and huge gold buttons (urgh! reminds me of makcik2 design ley) and I would prefer a simpler design and more kiddy. Aisyah hates the main uniform at first but I guess when she sees her friends are wearing it everyday, she's fine with it now. She has learnt some positive bits and pieces from school and I'm sure she just needs some time to adjust to the new environment.

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