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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

My most expensive item in 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

hidong bushuk camner, aisyah?I just bought a km d7d *not to be confused with durians...heh* from the meagre savings I accumulated from years of working. It's definitely not the latest on the market but it fits my needs and since I have some minolta lenses from my dynax5 purchase few years back, I decided to stick with a Konica-Minolta. I bought it at a steal from someone on clubsnap. It was a risk because it doesn't come with anymore warranty but after countless snapping sessions of Aisyah in the last weekend whilst trying out all functions, it's working really well. phew~

I will probably start doing studio photography again on weeknights. I'm glad that there won't be anymore camera borrowing/renting. In fact I would love quit and just do freelance design work, working on studio assignments and still be flexible enough to spend more time with Aisyah. But the fact that this 9 to 5 work is providing me *some* financial stability while having the chance to use the things I'm good at often make me think twice again. I think I'll build my list of clientele first and start small. So who wants to be in the list? 8)

I need a face transplant

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sometimes I wish God has given me a face with softer features. Not that I'm not thankful for a face with no missing parts but people have told me I got the most hostile look that they are afraid to talk to me.

They tell me that I look:

1) unfriendly
2) garang (I inherited this from my dad)
3) sometimes I get the "muker-setep-mcm-nak-kena-sepak"

To tell you honestly, I don't know how to change my face. It runs in the family. I have relatives who look more garang than me...even I am afraid to talk to them. I wish Siti Nurhaliza is my cousin or something...it would be nice (hahaha)...because at least I can inherit some of her soft features. She can be angry and look sweet at the same time. heh.

Take for example: my dad. My friend, Isz, is afraid to talk to my dad because of his face. It got so bad till she stumbled on her words when she hears my dad's voice on the telephone. Once she replied a "Wa'alaikumussalam" when my dad "kirim salam pat bapak eh...". See how bad it gets?

Since I got married, I have been trying to be less of an "anti-social". I do get comments like being the kanda's unfriendly other half. When you have your parents to talk on hari raya visits almost all your life, it's hard for you to initiate small talks. I try to have "faq sessions" when I would ask the person a question. When a one-liner reply followed, there would be awkward silences between me and the person unless that person is talkative and one question leads to to another or else my handphone suddenly looks more attractive at that time.

Sometimes I don't get to talk at all because there would be a more talkative person in the group and he/she would be the one who would control the conversation so I don't have a chance at all except to "aah..", "yahhh", "tuh ahh" and the "courtesy smile/nod" to anything the "conversation controller" is saying. I do get reminders to give a sweet smile but my face muscles got tired and I went back to the original no-smile face. Yah lah, I know that smiling uses less muscle but try smiling for 30minutes straight lah.

Here are some questions/topic that I usually start with.

"Cik masak aper?"
"Dah baper banyak rumah cik jalan?"
"Tak kuar hari nih?"
"Cuaca hari ini panas/jerebu/sejok eh..."

I don't like asking about how big the house is, how pretty the curtain is because only makciks ask those kind of questions...*sorry makciks, no offence hor* Besides I don't want to give the impression I'm not thankful with what I have. *chehhh....macam real sey...zaaaaap!*

basically that's it. *Takkan nak cakap pasal Saddam Hussein plak kan???* If she has kids running around, it's easier...because I can join in the fun and act busy. If she has cats, I can chase the cats around the house. Fortunately now I have Aisyah....I can look busy and I can give lengthy answers when they ask stuffs about her. *pandai tak aku?* hehehehehe.

Alamak...if that makcik has a dslr smack right on top of the table, we would have plenty of things to talk about! lol!

So do you have standard questions to ask during gatherings?


Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's been quite a while since I did any digiscrapping. This one took me a few hours to complete but I love the finished work.

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