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once upon a norza

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Monday, June 30, 2008

...jangan suker selalu ketawakan orang.

one of the movies i can watch a million times and still get tickled by it.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

The husband forgot to lock the opis door just now and he only realised it when he reached home at 9pm. Being a sweet wife (ehem..hahaha), I accompanied him to his work after a quick dinner. We should have told the taxi driver that we wanted to go back to Bishan after that so I could just wait in the taxi while hubby rushed out to lock the door. But we didn't so taxi driver had responded to a call before we told him.

Nowww...it is very very hard to get a taxi in Tiong Bahru (hubby worked at Jln Ho Swee) after 8pm so we had to walk all the way to Tiong Bahru Plaza and wait for one. The queue was long and the only taxis that came were those with the 'On Call' signs.

Anyway, that wasn't the purpose of this entry. Try imagining me wearing a striped-tshirt covered with a black cardigan and a pair of brown khaki pants. To top off the mismatched clothes, I was donning a purple unironed hijab and maroon sandals. I don't think anyone would want to be caught dead in what I'm wearing. I do admit, I do have my bad days (hee!) but I'm someone who would choose my colours properly before stepping out of the house.

In this case, I thought that I could hide in the taxi while hubby locked the opis door but things turned out otherwise. I became a perfect fashion disaster!

But after more than 10minutes of waiting, we took the MRT home. I'm sure everyone would be too sleepy or tired to notice me (it was already 11pm). I promise myself that no matter where I'm going in future(ok, maybe to He Ji Fa; our neighbourhood store), no more mismatched clothes for me. kwang3x.

we just figured out blue's clues

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I already knew about Blue before Aisyah because hubby's nephew was sooo into Blue's Clues. When Aisyah was old enough to understand Blue's Clues, she loved it so much that she watches it everyday. It was annoying but repetition is that of a toddler's game. Fortunately her cousin has a pile of cds which we 'borrowed' so Aisyah wasn't so bored watching the same episode over and over again.

Well, if you watched the show, you'd also know that the host, Steve 'left for college' and a 'Joe' replaced him. I prefer Steve in Blue's Clues though. So I was wondering where Steve actually disappear to and googled him. And also I found a vid which was a pretty interesting watch if you are into Blue's Clues...hurhur. Ok, I admit that this is one kids show I never get tired of somehow.

Part 1 of Behind the Clues

Part 2 of Behind the Clues

a video pressy for a special someone

Friday, June 13, 2008

I told him yester'nite...there won't any birthday scraps this year cos my time is already scraped by Aisyah. hehee. Can only manage this with Aisyah. She's the main director..haha. Aisyah said she likes this so ok..pass!

from your wife & aisyah

Just for the record

Monday, June 09, 2008

Last week I poured myself a glass of water before popping in my prenatal pills. I had placed the 2 bottles of pills on a stool near the fridge. Aisyah came and without any prompting, passed the bottles to me. She then said to me, "Sayang Ibu...Ibu sakit" while stroking my legs before giving me a pat and skipping her way to the living room. That made my day and I silently thank Allah for this blessing. I think she's going to make a wonderful sister...insyaAllah.

that bun in the oven

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just woken up and the head is throbbing from the 2 giant pimples on my forehead. It's been a totally exhausting May for me. My appetite's just came back and I hope to be putting on weight after this. Although my weight has been flunctuating in the prev months, I'm assured that the baby is growing well. Yes, you read it right. Aisyah's going to get an adek.

With assignments and my time with Aisyah, I sometimes forget how many months this #2 is although I know I'm in the 2nd trimester now. The cravings had been taken care of (and more to come)...from sop bontot from Waroeng Penyet to Shish Kebab in Anatolia. The hubby never fails to ask me what I want everyday after his work. No more doughnuts for me like when I was preggy with Aisyah although I must admit I'm into the raspberry cheesecake from Coffeebean. And I'm also more into meaty stuffs this time round...hurhur. The emak has commented that I'm more cerewet this time round..'banyak nah songeh!'. Yahlah..it's a nice time to manja2..rite? :D

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