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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

a diamond among the cowdung

I don't normally do this but I have to share this wonderful site, thx to nunu's mama. mamafiza is homeschooling her kids and it simply impresses me how she does it. Forget about the grammar errors she has on her blog. That's the copywriter's job. :P What she has on her site is the most valuable information on homeschooling and she's not selfish in sharing her methods. *Alhamdulillah!*

My first step is definitely to revamp our computer room for Aisyah to read her books, paint, play...well, basically to create her own space. Wait, I think I've put them somewhere that I want to create a space for her but of course, I've been procrastinating. I'm just soooo going to put this on the top of my to-do list for 2008. I just need to nudge the kanda a bit to help me in this...hehe.

Aisyah's books and toys collection is growing and it's becoming this lump of mess in the corner of the living room. I have to agree what the site owner has quoted:

Pictured yourself staying and spending almost 12 hours in the same dull, creepy, dusty room without any equipment or books for study plus with your parent shouting and screaming at you “Go learn!”, “Why are you so lazy?“, etc. (from here)

I believe that it's never too late to start anything and I am going to make full use of my opportunity as a sahm to create a fun learning process for Aisyah...insyaAllah.
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At 11:28 AM, Anonymous mamafiza said...

Dear Miss norza,

Wish you were in splendid moment ^_-

Thank you so much for visiting our family blog *blush*

We're truly appreciate your love and support! *handshake n hugs*

I'm deeply touched by your post. You're such a talented lady with a pure heart.

I'll always pray for you and your sugary family. Amin~

Again, I'm no one to accept your kindness words. You're the one, the super momma ^_- *yatta*

Please teach & guide me more.

Send my best regards, hugs n kisses to your lil cutie Aisyah *I love her name!*

May you have a great day :)    

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous coachsha said...

Miss Norza...
You Barney-watcher you!!! Calit kita geng. Stuuupendous (sambil lompat ala Barney yang takde siku tu).Haaahha.. I'll be reading your blog frm time to keep up. Salut!    

At 5:28 PM, Blogger raggedyanne said...

wah lao, looks like what we discussed yday via ym ada jugak baiknya kan?? alhamdulillah, im happy to share mamafiza's link with you. she truly is an inspirational character. so nobody's perfect, kan? everyone got flaws, it's what makes us human. but for the betterment of ourselves, we seek knowledge and we share experiences. and that's what we're doing with our blogs! share, show & tell!    

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Zee SHK said...

this entry makes me relfect on what i have done (or not done) for my own brood. tks for sharing.

u must keep me updated on aisyah's progress!    

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous norza said...

mamafiza....you're too humble. anyway..thx for dropping by! :)

coachsha...sure..come and visit anytime, ok. :D

anne..yep..eh..selalu pon kiter bebual ader isi per. hehe...

kak zee! we must meet for our rambo (plus car for aisyah and your son) movie date someday.    

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Jussaemon said...

A tip to overcome procrastination is to set smaller targets.

ie instead of looking it as "revamping the whole room" why don't you for eg "throw the old books from that corner over there" first for today. Then tomorrow "set up the cupboard"

Works for me ... when i really focus and plan.    

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous norza said...

ahh..jussa....good point there! will be at ikea this weekend to start this project. hehe.    

At 7:13 PM, Blogger BabyBooned said...

dang, i've missed so much of your entries! hey thanks for putting this up, coz i think i could really use the ideas this site gives out! so thanks for sharing, norza :D    

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