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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

Hari Raya'ing at the hospital (an afterthought)

hubby+Sarah at the hospital lobbyI have so many good things to say about the girls' paed, Dr Oh Meng Choo, but I guess you can read about her yourself if you do a bit of googling. She visited Sarah twice a day at the hospital (everyday) and gave us a detailed review in layman terms everytime. She even called us up to ask about Sarah's condition before she was hospitalised and answered our phone messages promptly. Aisyah (who's fussy about doctors) is also comfortable with her and we're glad that Sarah was in good hands...Alhamdulillah. She's one assuring doctor whom you can trust. Of course, we've met good paeds (Dr Vanessa Tan from Kidslink Sengkang, Dr Elizabeth Khor from Elizabeth Kids Clinic) and I would recommend them. But best about Dr Oh is her clinic (Kids Clinic, Bishan st. 12) is just a walking distance from our place so its really convenient.

And did I mention that our experience at Mt.A (St. Gabriel's ward) had been very pleasant. All the nurses were nice and they went out of their way to make everyone (yeah, not just me but I heard them talking to other patients) feel comfortable. They allowed my husband to stay there (this was probably an exception because of Sarah's age) and even passed us extra blankets and pillow to him without we asking them.

When it's medicine time, the nurses will always ask me whether Sarah is ready and when she's not they'd ask me when is the best time. I would be either breastfeeding her or lulling her to sleep since administering antibiotics thru her drip when she's sleeping is the best way. The staff was so incredibly kind and caring because there was once when I woke up and one of the nurses had just finished giving Sarah the nebuliser while she's in my arms. I'm a light sleeper so I know that she did her best not to disturb my sleep.

The hospital food is superb (didn't quite like the hospital food at Gleneagles Hospital on both occasions I was there)! The halal menu is pretty limited though at Mt.A though but I finished every single piece of food on the tray (ermm..except some veges :P). Of course, if you compare Mt.A with other hospitals, it's a pretty boringgggg (yawnzzzz) place but there's free wifi there and I'm happy when there's Internet. :D

There isn't any place to shop (well, there's a gift shop) like KKH where there are so many shops there. The cafeteria is non-halal and there's only one sandwich-dispensing (that's halal) machine (apart from another keropok+choc dispensing machine). Hubby said the sandwiches were not that bad and he won't go hungry. hehe. I can understand the lack of halal food availability since the number of Muslim patients there must be really little. I didn't even see one the whole time I was there...probably like most of well-meaning relatives+friends asked me, "Why go to Mt.A? It's a Christian Church and there's a cross in every ward." Correction...it's actually founded by a group of Roman Catholic Sisters and yes, there's a crucifix in every room.
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