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There won't be any outings for Aisyah for a couple of weeks because she just had chikinpox. When we saw one red mark on her forehead last week, we thought it was just another mozzie bite. Later another lesion popped out just below it. Now they look like scabs with pitted holes. But I'm glad to know that a common and relatively harmless disease was going to run through Aisyah while she's still young unlike me who hasnt had chikinpox. Aisyah's gotten vaccinated but she still got it. I would opt for a no-chikinpox-vaccine alternative if I have another kid(s) in future because there is no reason to put unneeded chemicals in their perfect little bodies if they are likely to get it anyway.

When the doc asked me whether I want any medication to supress possible 'contamination' in me, I refused the idea. All the vaccine I had when I was young is to provide immunity during childhood that can probably appear in adulthood, leaving me more vulnerable to get the chicken pox now. There was even an article explaining how modern medicine is actually the cause of chicken pox fatalities. I would rather face this now than when I'm older because one definitely suffers more if chikin pox is caught at a more advanced age.

In some parts of the world, kids were paraded near the 'infected' kid so that they can get the pox and the chikinpox'ed kid even get to throw a party. So anyone want to have a chikin pox party at my place?
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At 3:36 AM, Anonymous is said...

when i first read the first few lines...that's what i tot..i tot she was vaccinated..
was thinking if i shud have arshad vaccinated..but i'll probably hold it first..

tapi kesian budak kecik kena chix pox..hope she recovers soon!    

At 1:37 PM, Blogger BabyBooned said...

i'm contemplating of vaccinating gibran too but reading this is giving me second thoughts.. hmmmmm now reallyyyy have to fikir masak-masak.

get well soon aisyah!!    

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

It's good to have your kids vaccinated. I think the vaccine helped to suppress the chickenpox symptoms...that's why Aisyah has less pox marks and no high fever. Her recovery period was much faster than normal. But I would suggest the vaccination to be done when the baby's a bit older maybe before he/she went to preskool or something since there's a higher chance to get it there although it was a random case for Aisyah.

I believe that whatever you do, follow your instincts as a parent cos you know your kids best. :)

Anyway Aisyah was given the green light to be un'quarantined yday. yay!    

At 1:47 PM, Blogger mummy jam said...

both my sons were never vaccinated , when they had it in preschool, it was the very very mild form, no fever and only few pox...    

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Nadia said...

Irfan had his vaccine in May when I had chicken pox. Tua-tua baru nak dapat. Haha! Alhamdulillah, he didn't get it then. Dunno if he will later on. Oh well, if he does, I hope it won't be so bad. ;)

Get well soon Aisyah!    

At 4:47 PM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

mummy...which just means whether you will get it bad or not dont depend whether you get vaccinated or not. hehe. your sons must be lucky or their immune system are pretty strong.

nadia...that's lucky. i only know of parents who get it then their children will get it too!

and so far there's no pox for me too. phew.    

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous hartini said...

awwww, aisyah has the pox... :( I actually had mine a few days after Raya too... and so did my cousin. Actually, we had it together at the same time... and the cause of the pox? Sneaking into my bedroom to have a couple of bites of Ferrero Roche during Raya :D We also started the myth that not sharing Ferrero Roche with others = suffer the chicken pox soon! It turned out to be true for a few of my friends and their friends... :P I'm not joking!!!

Anywhoot, mine was pretty bad coz I had it when I was in my late 20s.

Also, heard about the fatalities to those who seeked the vaccination while having their pox.    

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