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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

Aisyah had a fall yester'nite from the chair which is almost triple her height. I know that children will need to see the doctor if the height of the fall is equal or double their height. But she stopped crying and was back to her normal self again a few minutes after the ordeal. (Normal means 'torturing' her Tok by poking him with her dinosaur, and merajok when her Nenek reminded her not to jump around the bed lest she mite fall again). She even woke me up at 3am to have a bottle of milk.

How do I recognize a serious injury?

How the child injured himself is very important. In general, if you fall from a height twice the height of the child, then you should be suspicious of a serious injury. To put it in everyday terms, if the child falls from a normal bed onto a carpeted floor, the injury is unlikely to be serious. If the child fell from a double decker bed onto a marble floor, hitting the head directly, then it may be serious. Head injuries sustained in violent events such as car accidents should always be assessed by a medical professional.

What signs do I look out for?

• Any unusual behaviour
• Confusion about familiar names and places
• Inability to wake child from sleep
• Increasing or persistent headache
• Seizures (Fits)
• Unsteadiness on feet
• Unusual drowsiness and sleepiness
• Vomiting more than three times
• Double or Blurred vision
• Bleeding or discharge from the ear or nose

In general, if the child falls and cries loudly for a while then afterwards behaves normally, then it is a good sign. If the child falls and loses consciousness or starts vomiting or becomes very lethargic and sleepy, then something is wrong.
taken from Karri Family Clinic

I'll definitely be on a lookout for any of the abovementioned signs (which I hope they will NOT appear!) for the next few days.
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At 11:25 PM, Blogger Zee SHK said...

my kids, being boys, have fallen victims to all sorts of fall you can think of. the elder was once put in day surgery coz he cut his lips. the younger once had a gaping wound at the top of his forehead which required glue-ing it back together. and both have suffered all kinds of falls that did not 'draw blood'. sheesh. i'm very sure aisyah will be in tiptop condition. just monitor her, but i can bet she will be springing to her normal self the moment she opens her eyes tomorrow.    

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