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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

Round one: FIGHT!

I had to post this hilarious picture of the girls. My girls quarrel everyday over almost every single thing. We usually buy two of the same things like stationery sets and small toys to avoid conflicts between them. We also encourage them to share and play together. But sometimes things happen and the fights get intense and both will start to scream at each other. Sarah is the one who always "bullies" the kakak by pushing and pinching her. Fortunately Aisyah is "kakak" enough not to hit back. Both usually cry together because the kakak will be in pain while the adek will be reprimanded by me. I had to calm both sides too. And when all things fail, I will also scream with them (which is not a pretty sight!). Ok, so this is wrong. I tell myself to be more patient with them after the episodes and give a hug each and all is well again.

Ending sibling fights

•Try to let them resolve the issue on their own so they learn to negotiate. But step in if there's a real possibility of harm.
•If you do need to intervene, try not to get in the middle. Let each child express his complaints without whining, then help them figure out a way to come to a resolution they'll both be happy with. For example, when it comes time to split something (say, a cookie), suggest that one child do the splitting and the other child gets to choose.
•Don't respond to tattling. It'll only encourage the tattler to tell on his sibling more.
•If all else fails, use bright yellow-and-black caution tape to divide their play space, and tell them they can't cross to the other one's side of the room. Make believe you're arriving at the scene of a crime and the giggles should help them forget what they were fighting about!


Besides love and support, siblings provide constant practice for relating to others. Paying attention to each child's needs, and giving them each some one-on-one time, goes a long way toward helping your kids build the confidence they need to succeed in life. And by teaching kids to resolve squabbles on their own, you help them learn important problem-solving and relationship skills, as well as bring them closer as siblings.
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At 10:01 AM, Blogger Jussaemon said...

I'm always rooting for the younger one! So go go Sarah, learn to stand your ground! hehehehe

Syifaa' and Tufeil pun selalu gaduh! Kakak dia suka rampas barang dari adik dia. Tufeil pulak kaki pukul if you intrude in his personal space. Lepas the kakak will shove the little one in retaliation and I had to break them apart.

So I'm not sure if "(trying) to let them resolve issue on their own" will work in my case?    

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous norza said...

yah..samer lah. kakak always rampas but stimes the adek pon notty jugak! haha.

i tink they can only resolve themselves when they're a bit bigger?    

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