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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

I have been tagged by |e|a

I seldom do this and it happened to be a boring day so I did this 2 days ago.

colour: pink and brown combination
food: i can't make up my mind currently
song: currently..."The Mating Game" by bitter:sweet
movie: Yugpurush
day of the week: Saturday
season: durian season
ice cream: anything choc or strawberry

mood: sleepy
taste: meiji black choc
clothes: pink stripes shirt with brown pants
desktop: something from forestprintsdesign
toenail colour: a bit purplish due to the cold
surroundings: at work. with the boss talking and laughing his a$$ off with my other colleagues
annoyances: thinking of food right now and the cafe is closed liao
thoughts: buying that macbook pro when i become a sahm..hah!

best friend: reny
crush: a primary skoolmate..can't remember his name. because he got the most stylish hair with gel and everything!
movie: on tv? or in the cinema?
lie: can't remember
music: sesame street

cigarette: it's been quite sometime since i breathed in any cigarette smoke...fortunately
drink: plain water
car ride: does taxis count?
crush: crushed ice...ice kacang...
movie: Underworld Evolution on dvd
phone call: during lunch just now. with him. yeehaaa!
CD played: Il Divo *thx lela!*

Have you ever..
dated one of your best friend: yah..and she said yes.
broken the law: u never download mp3 meh?
been arrested: nope
been on TV: yep...was in the skool band and we got to particpate in ndp. was just a tiny dot on teevee...but mum can recognise me with that alto-sax...struggling to march properly with that. lol!
kissed someone you don't know: yah...lil babies.

5 items you're wearing: tudong, shirt, pants, socks and shoes
4 things you did today: watched an episode of Lost season 1, reading Discover mag, chatted with kak zee whom i met on the mrt today and multitasking at work
3 sounds you can hear right now: the server buzzing
1 thing you do when you're bored: annoy everyone
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