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once upon a norza

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Taken from m4m:

It happened inside the MRT. The train wasn't particularly crowded so the mother just pulled her son into a corner (against the glass at the end of the seats), pulled down his pants & promptly made him pee into a plastic bag. I had to do a double take cos I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Unbelievable!
And I just had to share this. I was in the train going back last week. It was really crowded since it was the peak hour. There was a lil girl (abt 1yr old) who was sitting on her mum's lap and her mum asked her to stand up to chg her soiled pull-up diapers right in the full view of everyone!!! her father who was standing in front just took the soiled diapers away and gave her a clean one. What amazed me was how she can act so cool with all the eyes staring at at her. couldnt she just stop at the next station to chg it?

What's worse was when I relate to the colleagues in the office, one said, "What's wrong with that? I also do that whattt..." when everyone else was like against it. I felt a total disgust for someone educated to do such a thing in public!
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At 1:43 PM, Anonymous yanni said...

pasal bangsa die semua macam gitu. pengotor.    

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous mr medieval said...

Super inconsiderate. Y do all those other pple have to bear the stench of the poop. She could at least alight, go to one corner, clean up her kid and take other trains. Sheesh.    

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous moby said...

Excuse my French, but what the f*%K?? That's is so gross! And no one told them off? Gawddd .... I would never, ever do that with Ajab. These people are stupid and inconsiderate and have no sense. They also don't care about their child's dignity. Maybe they think that the kid's just so young that it doesn't deserve any.    

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous sheSays said...

yanni..i tink we'd better not step into those areas yet...heh...dun want to start a racial war here...i've seen orang kita do those kind of things too...i.e. asking their kids to pee on grass patches...yes, in full view of passerby.

mr medieval, mebbe their butts are too heavy to be lifted off their seats...*roll eyes*

moby, yah..practically nobody. thank goodness cos i was saved from the direct sight/smell of it all. i was standing near the door...dignity? these people talk against showing kids' naked picture online but they are not embarassed to show their kids' own in public. how ironic! mebbe our government shud highlight all these instead asking us to smile more.    

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i viewed the post in a different light. donch you notice? people agree to the rest when they themselves DO that thing. it's like, their actions, albeit wrong, are seem correct and whoever who practices the same actions as them are correct. well, human nature i guess... :) i know my comment a bit off track but it's a point to ponder about about human attitudes... :D

--the aunty    

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous katak said...

About the first incident, I think If the kid CANNOT control his pee, then it would be better for his mom to let him pee into the plastic bag since technically, waiting for the next stop and going down the escalator, out of the gantry and to the public restroom will really take up the time.

Afterall, we wouldn't wanna have the child pee in his pants and have it leak out also right?

For the 2nd one, I agree with you that they could have waited till the next stop before changing the diapers.

Mungkin mak bapak taknak miss the 7pm Chinese drama by going out of the train and doing the changing, hence the multi-tasking in the train ? :-)    

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous sheSays said...

aunty...good point there. :P

katak..anyway..from the post..the kid is way over the toddler age since no more diapers already...then mum gotta be proactive and reminds kid to tell her if he needs to pee if the kid is 'under training'. well..like the aunty has mentioned...mebbe they dun find anything wrong with it and that's why they're cool about it. i still think showing ur kids' privates in public ain't a good thing. it's like eating chips..once you start, you can't stop..you'll have more of the chips...once you're ok with your kid peeing in the mrt...you won't even bother to train your kids to hold their pee next time.

there was even someone saying she saw a kid peeing in a plastic bag near the frozen section of a supermarket!    

At 1:51 AM, Anonymous moby said...

Yucks!! Thanks, I'll remember to stay clear of yellow-coloured ice in the frozen section the next time I shop for groceries.    

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous sheSays said...

can be colourless too if kid drinks too much water....heh    

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Al Sayf said...

there was even someone saying she saw a kid peeing in a plastic bag near the frozen section of a supermarket!

What's wrong with that? I do that too what. And I'm not even a kid. :D

*ikat tali merah kat kepala ala Rambo time girlfriend dia mati... to prepare for hatemail from sheSays*    

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