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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

Decisions, decisions

I had always wanted to quit and do some freelance work...well, maybe 2-3 times a week. I can be a part-time sahm/freelancer. I don't have to be fully financially-dependent on the kanda and I can help with some bills here and there (although actually I don't have to pay a single cent even when I'm working..hehe). But something is preventing me from putting the letter on the Boss' table. Partly it's because of money. I work in a govt sector and the bonu$ is luring me. Plus all the benefits help a lot especially that maternity leave benefit if I ever do get pregnant again. But I want to do my own stuffs. I keep doing the same stuffs over and over again, and I'm already jaded. Work is a drag. I miss the people at the old place. But the old place paid me very little compared to my peers who are getting fat paychecks so I had to leave.

And then there's the issue of emak who's not going to be favourable with my decision. Afterall she will get to see less of Aisyah. But I'm offering a win-win solution here actally. She can take care of her on the days I'll be working and we get to see more of Aisyah too. Emak can rest more since she was recently diagnosed with arthritis but of course, she probably won't believe this reason.

The kanda is supporting any decision (love him!) I will make which I know that he'll want me to stay home. And Aisyah only grows once. We have missed so many milestones in her life and it's very painful for both of us to be weekend parents.

But I keep asking myself whether I will be making the right decision. Afterall we are just humans, powerless and knowledgeable only enough to survive. I really need His help in this matter.
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At 2:01 PM, Anonymous anne said...

solat istikharah ye. I'm sure everything will be just fine :)    

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous is said...

it's a privelege to be able to be a sahm..and doing somthing part-time on the side is also an added bonus. ideally that's something i am trying to work on, some day perhaps. i just think i'll need to have a lot of discipline and self-motivation when i get thre.

hope everything will work out fine for you:)    

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Mama Sarah said...

ditto with both, anne and is

best of luck to you, the important thing is blessings from Allah and your dear Kanda.    

At 8:48 AM, Blogger JuSSaEmoN said...

In my opinion, reading ur entry, i can see you're leaning towards being a sahm. So why don't just follow your heart, since ur hubby is supporting you. On the other hand, i'd be nice also if you stay long enough at ur current job to leave a good impression on ur resume? has it been a year yet? or make it two. Just before u leave, get ALL the benefits again ie maternity leave bla bla bla hehehe. Plus, i will have one less lunch partner :( hehehe

Anyways, May Allah give u only the BEST.    

At 5:44 PM, Blogger nor said...

i found ya !

i bumped into your mom,sis,dad and your little aisyah..so cute la she.
your adik very the tall n slim eh..almost cudnt recognise her.
sorry ,unable to respond to yr sms abt yr exhibition thingy..i was sick and still sick.

oh, im a full pledge sahm...hehehe

~~ kak nor ~~    

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