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The ultimate burger

True to what these people are saying in the Makansutra forum, the Ramly burger we managed to buy tasted like what they had been raving about. There were many Ramly burger stalls but we specifically bought it from the pasar malam stall with the "Ranor" *specifically Ranor* on the banner in Tampines last week and Bishan yesterday (the Bishan one were tastier too!). The usual ramly burgers I tried were either too greasy or dry but I gobbled this one up within minutes. It was yummy'licious to the core and tasted like the ones I've tried in malaysia...you know those stalls where they sell those burgers near the roadside. hurhur. You can even 'customise' your burgers! My adik got hers in double patties last week and we also didn't put mayo inside *yucks!!*

The process of making one is quite long and takes quite a few minutes.

1. Meat comes out as a soft pattie (others like very stiff)
2. As they fry they add curry powder + Worchestershire Sauce
3. The meat is split into 2 halves and fried
4. Two slices of half square layer of cheese added (others only a single half slice)They sandwich the cheese in the meat pattie
5. Buns (No seseme seeds) are lightly toasted with thin layer of margarine on the griddle
6. Egg is fried and pattie put into the egg add mayonaise and pepper sauce
7. Chilli Sauce added and a wrapped in a wrapper with Ramly logo on it (note others use foam box - these are no good)

Of course, this may be not the ultimate burger for you but it's an ultimate cheap yummy burger I've ever tried in all of my burger-eating life! Well, there's the Ranor brand Ramly burger at the pasar malam in Bishan just opened yesterday. I'll definitely join the queue and buy one everyday after work till the pasar malam closes...heh.
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At 6:29 PM, Blogger mummy jam said...

there's a pasar malam in bishan? near the interchange is it?    

At 6:41 AM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

yep...better hurry before it closes!    

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous heriati said...

i think i missed the 'Ranor' stall. Must have been closer to Interchange side right? I was the portion of the pasar malam closest to the other NTUC outlet.

Bought Ramly burger from some random stall and it was disappointing! The beef patty was slightly undercooked..the sauces were not in its right proportions so the burger tasted too salty! :p    

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous ladylynn said...

hai...tell me who can resist ramly burgers... air liuh meleleh babe bila tgk itu burger..    

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

heriati...yeps..closer to the interchange...always have to wait. the one nearest to the smaller ntuc doesnt seem to have any ppl buying their ramly. dunno whether the pasar malam is still open or not?

ladylynn...bukan kata tgk...dengar aje...hati dah melonjak kegumbiraan. lol!    

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