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once upon a norza

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from a sleep-at-home-mummy

Aisyah will be coming to 3 this year and technically she will have to start nursery next year. Well, most of friends who have children have already started sending their kids to pre-nursery. We're looking into Islamic education centres because we hope she could be in Madrasah Irsyad since its only a 10min walk from our home.

We've checked the locations with preschools with good reviews. Location is very important to us because I know kids can be restless on the journey to school. Since Bishan doesn't have many Malays living here, the nearest nursery is Hanis Learning Centre and that's in Potong Pasir (that's like 20minutes by taxi).

My mother suggested to send Aisyah to Al-Iman or Elias Kindergarten near her home in Pasir Ris but I'll have to only see her on weekends like last time when I was working. I wouldnt think of going through that route again. :/

But after a teleconversation with one of their teachers and researching online, I think that the activities they're offering are somewhat similar to what I'm doing now. And yeah, that infamous line, 'Learning through Play' sprouted out as well. It has somewhat become a common catchphrase like 'Thinking out of the box'...hehe.

After rethinking my options, I decided to continue our daily 'Learning through Play' sessions and send her for enrichment classes (a few hours for a number of days per week) particularly in Arabic instead since neither my husband nor me is fluent in the language. Well, there's not much socialisation part at home but Aisyah doesn't have any problems with meeting new friends now except for adults. She calls all mini people her 'frens' or 'kowan'.

We'll just see how well it goes. Afterall teaching at home does not limit to focused teaching of a couple of hours only. It's a much bigger responsibility and spending a LOT of time to teach informally instead.
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At 12:41 AM, Anonymous moby said...

Oh dear .... the never ending search for good schools .... our turn with Ayeed will be up next. Yikes!    

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can teach her alot of things too! *raises eyebrow*

aisyah.. come sit with aunty and i'll share everything you'll need to know..    

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous kinisah said...

alhamdullilah, the first madrasah should be the home. youre doing the right thing. May Allah make it easy for you .. Amin    

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Norhayati Mohd said...

I have always admired those who home schooled~ even if it's presch level *thumbsup!*    

At 8:51 PM, Blogger Zee SHK said...

is it a bit belated to be posting this? anyways, my boys were from Al Amin (the eldest since 2 yrs) before their current school now at Hanis Islamic Montessori. I have to say, Hanis (@ Tampines) has very professional teachers. When I communicate with them, either verbally or written, their command of language is impressive. This, I failed to see at Al-Amin previously. My boys love their time at Hanis - the younger would start a riot if I so much mention about sending him back to Al-Amin. And oh, another thing, my eldest son's teacher often calls me up to update me on my son - this, I find very helpful. Weekends, the boys attend Madrasah @ Istiqamah. And now, that's ANOTHER story altogether...    

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Red Knite said...

Sorry Zee SHK...not trying to be kaypo...just want to clarify. Will it be Al Amin that's not so...preferred by your boys or Al Iman?    

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Red Knite said...

Sorry Zee SHK...not trying to be kaypo...just want to clarify. Will it be Al Amin that's not so...preferred by your boys or Al Iman?    

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Zee SHK said...

Wahhh.. That is more than 8 years ago, my eldest is now 11 :). It was Al Amin at Tamp, the very first playschool we enrolled the boys to. The education standard was appalling, teachers were teaching my sons all the wrong usage! But that was before. Maybe, things have changed, sis... So I cannot vouch for now.    

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