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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

Still breathing

Phew...I can finally breathe again after this video I've been working on for the past few weeks. it's been quite a while since I did any crazy project like this one. I've been neglecting kanda and missing out a LOT on the Hari raya spree-cleaning part. Thank god my parents-in-law are kind enough to help us in the cleaning part. ^_^

Amidst all the work, our Aisyah has not been finishing her food lately. She's not even finishing the food her nenek cooks for her which she usually does in a jiffy. Thinking that she might be sick with her normal rice meals, we tried giving her combinations of potatoes + chikin + tomato + cheese or scrambled eggs + cheese + chikin or potatoes + spinach + eggs. She was excited initially with the new food but it wanes after a while. I tried giving her again after 20minutes but she still refused to eat after the "intermission", keeping her lips shut.

I think she might want to eat adult food because she goes "mamamm" whenever she sees anyone of us eating. She kept wanting to go near her Ayah when she saw him eating Koka noodles last week. Maybe I should try cooking something noodl'y for her next week and eating with her at the same time so that she gets the idea that she's eating our food. hurhur. I really hope this is just a phase.

On another note, I had successfully popped Aisyah into my taylormade sling. It's a bit awkward but I soon got the hang of it. It's definitely much much easier than bringing the stroller with us. Babywearing just needs practise and lots of distraction for Aisyah to keep still while I "adjusted" her. hehe. emak had also adjusted my luckybaby pouch sling and it fits Aisyah very nicely. I wish there is a wider choice of baby carriers in Singapore apart from momsinmind slings. I ordered my taylormade sling from loveslings...a biz run by a nice lady who lives in Toa Payoh. She's currently helping me to order a Mei Hip carrier which I can't wait to try it on. Afterall you can't be having only one pair of shoes right? 8D

I found this community of babywearing and there are sooo many varieties of carriers (good for mommies and their lil oens) available. *that Babyhawk MeiTai looks interesting* I see many parents carrying their babies here in carriers which might cause spinal stress to their lil ones. Maybe we should have babywearing meetups like the Nino Sisterhood of the Travelling Sling to share experiences and trying out the different slings available hor...what do you think?
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At 2:02 PM, Anonymous is said...


i want to get the Mei Hip carrier too. looks nice and comfy :)

using the MIM sling but still trying to get used to it    

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

yep...looks nice and comfy..wait till arshad is a bit bigger..then mebbe you might want to order one as well. btw i also heard ellaroo is coming out with a new fabric design for their mei hip...something like their black sakura design which unfortunately went OOS. 8/ and also do chk out http://www.meitaicarrier.com...they got something similar to the mei hip...done by a wahm. :)    

At 4:24 PM, Blogger raggedyanne said...

uih, just how many carriers do u have anyway?! be sure to blog abt the mei hip as soon as you tried it ok.    

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

anne...only 2...hehehe. my pouch and the ringsling. but i tink i very much prefer my ringsling for adjustablity and easier to load in and load out. the pouch so susah nak load in aisyah...imo.    

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Jejaka Ketiak Basah Tapi Harum said...

If your daughter is not finishing her food, try bee hoon (dry or soup). Just plain with fishball and a bit of sayur will do. Potato on its own pun good enough... like KFC's whipped potato maybe? You also have another option actually since your daughter has already turned 1. Get this. It will come in handy on days when she refuses to eat. They have it in chocolate too. Try yang kecik punya to see if she likes it. If she does, then maybe you can get the bigger tin. It's expensive though. But at least it'll give us a little comfort knowing that they are getting the much needed daily nutrition. It may be used for oral or tube feeding as a sole source of nutrition, or as a nutritional supplement to enhance regular eating habits.

Note: That last sentence was cutted and pasted from the tin. :D *pandai seyyy aku*    

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