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once upon a norza

i am norza and this is my blog

My most expensive item in 2006

hidong bushuk camner, aisyah?I just bought a km d7d *not to be confused with durians...heh* from the meagre savings I accumulated from years of working. It's definitely not the latest on the market but it fits my needs and since I have some minolta lenses from my dynax5 purchase few years back, I decided to stick with a Konica-Minolta. I bought it at a steal from someone on clubsnap. It was a risk because it doesn't come with anymore warranty but after countless snapping sessions of Aisyah in the last weekend whilst trying out all functions, it's working really well. phew~

I will probably start doing studio photography again on weeknights. I'm glad that there won't be anymore camera borrowing/renting. In fact I would love quit and just do freelance design work, working on studio assignments and still be flexible enough to spend more time with Aisyah. But the fact that this 9 to 5 work is providing me *some* financial stability while having the chance to use the things I'm good at often make me think twice again. I think I'll build my list of clientele first and start small. So who wants to be in the list? 8)
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At 4:15 PM, Anonymous moby said...

Aisyah!!!! Grrrrr .... Look so garang! Cool camera, Norza. More pics!!    

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

me.. me.. me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with d kids n will bring in my family and their family... heh...

Mana tau dari situ.. bleh intro makcik2 yg lain? heh

-kak Rosi-    

At 9:43 AM, Anonymous scumbag said...

Hi Nor!

Azhar here...Ur poly fren. Hope you remember...Juz wanna ask where did u get the studio? Issit expensive?


At 11:15 AM, Blogger raggedyanne said...

heheh, nice pic of aisyah! err.. ur face oso garang like this ker?    

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Toots said...

heh. i laffed when i saw this picture! she's so cute!! asal camtu?? he he.. nak jumpa Aisyah!!!    

At 2:39 PM, Blogger BQ said...

That's great sis! Insya'allah, sometime next year will be calling you for a family pic. 8)

Maybe, when the baby is born - I don't use peterpan and I ask you to take the pic. nak tak?    

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

moby..yesh! very cool camera...love it to bits. hehe

kak rosi..you MUST be in the list..! :P

azhar...i rent ekceli...try checking clubsnap.org. :D

anne...lagi garang! lol....

toots...aah...kelakar kan? dier mcm gitu cos she does the "hidong bushuk" face.

next year..yay! insyaAllah...will be able to offer on-location shoots as well next year...meaning baby shootings *bang bang..heh* at home...wasn't ready the prev time when you asked me to shoot your relative's baby. :)    

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