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once upon a norza

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Everything stood at a standstill since I discovered Aisyah shivering at 3am with a very warm temperature. Her hands and feet were very cold. I woke the kanda up and we both went to the 24hrs clinic nearby.

True enough her temperature was near 40deg (I was guessing ard 39deg). The (sleepy) doctor checked Aisyah and said something about her having a throat infection and prescribed 2 types of fever medicine for her...one's for high fevers (above 38.5deg) and the other's for mild ones. We gave her some medicine and sponged her till her fever goes down a bit. Aisyah didnt want to sleep and keep saying 'cheese' for her favourite cheese dippers and even wanted to watch Barney...at 4am!

She finally slept at 7am which by then I was totally zonked out too. I woke up again at 9am when I realised she has awaken with a fever again. Her body was beginning to feel warmer by noon and we decided to bring her to Dr Kartika at Flame Tree. We were all shocked when she checked Aisyah's temperature and it showed 40.2deg on the thermometer. Dr Kartika checked for any ear infection for signs of pneumococcal or rashes on the hands and feet for any signs of the HMFD. She immediately prescribed a suppository, saying that she's afraid Aisyah might get a fit if the temperature escalates further. Aisyah was already screaming her lungs out when we took off her diapers for the doctor to put in the suppository. I only catch bits and pieces of what the doctor said because she was still screaming when it was all over and demanded to be brought outside the room. With the flu season in Singapore now, Aisyah might gotten the flu bug from someone when she went jalan2 few days ago.

Basically Aisyah's energy level and appetite dropped drastically although she's still her cheeky self and still made that effort to run around the house when the medicine's suppressed the fever. But when the effects of her medicine's worn out, she didn't even refuse (which she would object if she was in the pink of health) of being put down on the bed while hugging her bantal bushuk.

My parents came and we thought that it would be a good idea for Aisyah to be brought back to their house. I could also use a helping hand since I only slept for 2 hours the night before and the kanda wasn't feeling too well either. It was already past midnight when we reached my parent's place at Pasir Ris and Aisyah only slept after eating a few pieces of biscuits.

Her fever still didn't subside yesterday morning (lingering around 39-40deg) and Dr Kartika told us to bring her to the clinic after 24hours of taking the antibiotics to prescribe another fever medicine. We decided to bring Aisyah to her again this morning if her fever still haven't subsided by then but miraculously, the temperature dropped and her fever was gone by the time she woke up just now...Alhamdulillah! She's sleeping now in her buai; her fever's gone. I hope it's not coming back. She must have lost a couple of kgs since the fever but I'm glad that it's all over.
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At 12:33 AM, Blogger Mama Sarah said...

oh dear... hope aisyah gets well soon.    

At 1:52 PM, Blogger supernunu said...

I just recovered from bouts of fever & flu too. I;m back on my feet now & i hope aisyah gets well soon.    

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous pinkyjumbo said...

di sini rupanye... :D

glad aisyah is a-okay now. bila anak sakit, ibu pun rasa macam nak sakit eh? sedih semacam. musim ah!    

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Ida said...

Oh dear. Hope Aisyah is fine now.

My 1 yr old is still having her bouts of fever. At times it goes up to nearly 40 degrees. What made it worse is that she has asthma.    

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous ibu aisyah said...

Alhamdulillah, she's well now.

ida..hope your lil one is getting well. :) it's scary when your lil ones get sick.    

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